Hello.  My name is Kim Welch and I am running for Dallas City Council District 14 Representative.  I am a Dallas native and would like the opportunity to serve the city I love.  My background is in Advertising and Publishing and I am Director of Publishing for Student Filmmakers Magazine. As Founder/President of an integrated marketing solutions company, I have a proven track record of successfully working for Fortune 500 companies.

My goal is to strengthen our neighborhoods and give a voice to our citizens.  I am passionate about making our government transparent and accountable at local levels. I believe in the power of the people and starting the day with a strong cup of coffee.

My primary goal is to keep Dallas beautiful and flourishing.  Some of the issues I feel strongly about are:

  • Public Safety – Including Foot Patrols for high density Neighborhoods
  • Effective Help for Homeless
  • Fair compensation for Police and Fire – This is an investment in the stability and growth of our city
  • Public Transportation Improvement
  • Enhancing the walkability of our neighborhoods
  • Infrastructure maintenace and repair
  • Move forward with approved Parks, Trails and Bike Lanes
  • Giving a voice to people who live in the community
  • Protecting and enhancing our Diversity and Culture and riding our city of institutional racism

I pledge that I will work for the communities in District 14 and give a voice to the citizens of our beautiful city.

Kim Welch

For More information or to join the campaign contact Kim Welch at: contact@kimwelch.com or call 214-683-3376
400 N. Saint Paul Street # 750
Dallas, Texas 75201