Calling All Volunteers

Yard Sign
Yard Sign
Join My Campaign!
Together, we will be able to improve downtown and the neighborhoods throughout District 14, from the issues with homeless and panhandling Downtown to bringing renewed infrastructure and improvements in safe crosswalks and walkable sidewalks in Uptown and Oak Lawn, to protecting historic districts, and working with police and fire departments to make our neighborhoods safer.
And most importantly, we will bring a new level of Transparency to Dallas City Hall, while asking the tough questions and demanding accountability.
To ensure my election, I need your help and support. Here’s how you can get involved:
  • Contribute to the campaign
  • Post My Banners On Websites Facebook
  • Endorse my candidacy
  • Volunteer for the Campaign
  • Distribute Yard Signs
Your contribution of time, money, and effort will help ensure my campaign is a success and we have a Council Member who lives in the Downtown Dallas Area. With your support, I will be your voice at Dallas City Hall!

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