Dallas Rapid Growing Unsheltered Homeless Up 47%

Dallas Homeless Wait for the Downtown Library to Open

Dallas Tx Homeless Wait for Downtown Library to Open
Dallas Tx Homeless Wait for Downtown Library to Open

Unsheltered Homelessness is up 47% in Dallas. See 2017 State of the Homeless Address at this link http://www.mdhadallas.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/SOHA-2017-Crain-v11.pdf

In 2016 at a Dallas City Council Housing Committee meeting, Cindy J. Crain President and CEO Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance
was grilled by other council members about the plan we keep using because it was just “more of the same.”

Councilman Philip Kingston suggested, “Well, maybe they are asking for the same thing because it’s working?”

It is not working Mr. Kingston. It.Is.Not.Working.

We need to start over with new leadership. The political jockeying for political recognition and wrangling has to stop. Solving the homeless problem is an investment in the health of the city as a whole. Rethink and use best practices.

  • We need to remove the panhandlers and drug dealers from the streets and even though it won’t be easy if we have determination we can do it
  • Create PSAs for all public Transportation and make sure visitors receive pamphlets on City Policy regarding panhandling
  • Create and market a volunteer program
  • We need peer group meetings like 12 step groups where homeless help homeless
  • We need a homeless court that will be much like what Houston has used
  • I want to try creating business alliances for homeless jobs that give homeless services a time for first right of refusal on jobs homeless could work and build a network of local businesses and shelter services that communicate jobs available to anyone that wants to work through shelters and through shelter staff and departments that can help with transportation, lite training and support for working homeless
  • Focus on Support for the working homeless – if they get a job that is half the battle but then they need to keep it
  • We need changes to the Affordable housing voucher system
  • We need new shelters to in other areas besides in or around downtown Dallas
  • Giving the help they need. Not every homeless person has the same problems
  • Case worker volunteers one on one level reporting and not just general stats

The homeless problem with be a top priority for me on the city council from day one. I will make changes to the way we do things for the homeless if elected.