Today I joined the Antioch Fellowship Church for a 5k walk Against Domestic Violence

I support the organizations, groups and shelters that help those who suffer domestic violence and will stand behind them as Dallas City Council.  It was a gourgeous day today and you could not have asked for better weather for the 5K March against domestic violence Hosted by Antioch Fellowship Church to bring awareness to this issue.  It was a blessing to have the opportunity to participate and meet the Pastor Dr. Karry D Wesly and members of the Antioch church.

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, it [Domestic Violence] is defined as the willful intimidation, physical assault, battery, sexual assault, and/or other abusive behavior perpetrated by an intimate partner against another, which may result in death. It is an epidemic affecting individuals regardless of their economic status.

Violence against men, women, the elderly or children is often accompanied by emotionally abusive and controlling behavior and thus is part of a systematic pattern of dominance and control.

The link below has a list of Dallas services for victims of domestic violence that you might find helpful. If you are aware of someone experiencing domestic violence don’t remain quite speak up.  Vote for Kim Welch for Dallas City Council District 14 on May 6th. I will be the voice of caring and reason that we need to make a difference.

Dallas, TX Domestic Violence Programs


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