Dallas Homeless Plan is Not Working

The homeless on the streets has increased by over 20% during the last census. The 10 year plan approved by the City Council in 2004 to eliminate homelessness is not working. I have heard from sources that participated in the count that when the police would approach the areas with census takers the homeless would run away. So, it’s a good bet that the number of homeless increase is much higher than being reported. You can’t walk anywhere in downtown without seeing homeless people in blankets on bus stop benches, at tables, sleeping in public places. It is clear that what City Hall is doing is not working. Sometimes it seems like we are actually creating a culture of living on the streets. Some tell me it’s for profit.  This certainly is not the help they need, it creates health issues, attracts criminals, drug use and crime. Other cities like Houston, New Orleans and many Cities around the world are doing things that actually work to decrease the homeless, solve the panhandling problems on the streets and get the people who really need help the help that they desperately need.  Why can’t Dallas? I think that Dallas can be an example of leadership. Send a mandate to City Hall with a vote for Kim Welch for District 14.  My first priority is to help the homeless and those that need help and deal with the professional panhandlers separately. Making Dallas a better place to live work and play.

This will be my top Priority as a council member. We can find solutions that work for the homeless while addressing the problems with the growing panhandlers in Downtown Dallas.  Vote Kim Welch on May 6th for caring practical solutions.