Protected Bike Lanes in Dallas Will Benefit Everybody

“These projects are about livability, they’re about economic success, they’re about building community, and they’re about community happiness.”

In Angela Hunts Article ” Dallas City Loves to Plan” we can see what some of the issues at hand are. December, 12 2011, Angela writes, “In June, the Dallas City Council approved a sweeping bike plan update that envisions hundreds of miles of on-street bike lanes that will link neighborhoods with off-street trails, DART light rail, schools, the downtown business district, public parks, and major city venues. That approval was in June 2011.

She goes on to point out that nothing has been done and nothing was being done months later.  City Staff was given the job of implementing and overseeing approved plans. To me this is a disservice to the Dallas residents and their elected officials and possibly grounds for termination. It seems that at every turn someone is stalling or blocking building the bike lanes.  If I am elected I will fight to execute what was approved by our city representatives.

The fact that Katy trail is overcrowded to capacity many weekends should be an indicator to everyone even the staunchest opponents that we need to expand and grow the trails, paths and bike lanes.

Interesting points from the video below:

* Protected bike paths are essential to building a full network of bike-friendly routes
* 48% of all trips are less than 4 miles
* Getting people on bikes takes cars off the streets
* Since 2011 the miles of protected bike lanes has doubled
* It’s the solution that makes biking on the street like riding on a trail
* Improve competitiveness
* Allows us to draw employees to employers and bring in entrepreneurs
* See protected bike lanes and they understand we are part of the modern world
* Protected bike lanes benefit everybody

Below is an excellent video advocating protected bike lanes.