Growing Need for Pedestrian Infrastructure

These images are just a few examples of the many wrongs committed by construction crews in Downtown Dallas at any given moment. During the Holiday season on our beautiful downtown sidewalks we had street barricades stacked on side walks blocking the flow of pedestrian traffic and creating a cluttered eye sore. We have traffic signs miss placed and blocking the walkways.  The way city construction crews and developers use our sidewalks and streets is wrong. They can do a better job than this. This is my home. The Downtown construction companies have no respect for the people who live in downtown and certainly don’t care about our walk ways. We have constructions signs in the wrong places and we have them placed on one way streets facing the wrong way. Someone needs to be held accountable for the signs and how they are placed. There is really no reason for a sign to be in the middle of a sidewalk impeding the flow of walkers. We can develop the city without blocking our sidewalks and streets so carelessly. I see similar problems and need in Uptown, Oaklawn, Oldtown and Lower Greenville. We need to have a shift in thinking and prioritize walking people as our city becomes more populated. We are seeing Dallas grow up not out and we need to do it responsibly.