Change at City Hall

May 4, 2017 Kim Welch 0

We need real change. Violent crime up 9%. We have lost hundreds of police officers because of low pay and the pension fund. The un-sheltered homeless is up 47%. We must make a change in […]

Dallas Tx Homeless Wait for Downtown Library to Open

Dallas Rapid Growing Unsheltered Homeless Up 47%

April 10, 2017 Kim Welch 0

Unsheltered Homelessness is up 47% in Dallas. See 2017 State of the Homeless Address at this link In 2016 at a Dallas City Council Housing Committee meeting, Cindy J. Crain President and CEO Metro […]


Trinity River Toll Road Clarity

April 3, 2017 Kim Welch 0

I am for getting started on the Trinity Park that is being delayed because of the the Toll Road supporters.  We voted on it, council approved it, and we ear marked 47 million for the […]

Police & Fire

Dallas Police and Fire

March 14, 2017 Kim Welch 0

I was at the meeting where Scott Griggs and Phillip Kingston, both on the pension board, explained their  plan and the bill they said that they worked on with State Legislator Dan Flynn. Some of […]


Dallas Homeless Plan is Not Working

March 14, 2017 Kim Welch 0

The homeless on the streets has increased by over 20% during the last census. The 10 year plan approved by the City Council in 2004 to eliminate homelessness is not working. I have heard from […]

Arts & Culture

Diversity and Culture

January 14, 2017 Kim Welch 0

Our District has a diversity and culture that many may not be aware of. Late in the evening when the sun has gone Downtown Dallas sparkles with the reflection of big city lights in the […]

Pedestrian Infrastructure

Growing Need for Pedestrian Infrastructure

January 14, 2017 Kim Welch 0

These images are just a few examples of the many wrongs committed by construction crews in Downtown Dallas at any given moment. During the Holiday season on our beautiful downtown sidewalks we had street barricades […]